Basic Law: Título IV Ley 11-92 d/f 16/05/92 y sus modificaciones. (5) The « basic economic damage » also includes an additional option to purchase, for an additional premium, additional coverage that the insured or his legal representative may apply to the loss of income from work and/or psychiatric, physical or ergological therapy and rehabilitation after exhaustion of the initial fifty thousand dollars of basic economic damage.  Such optional additional coverage shall be made available and an insurer shall provide a notice explaining such coverage at the time of the first renewal of the contract after the effective date of this paragraph or at the time of application. Debes aplicar la tasa o impuesto sobre la base imponible, de acuerdo con lo establecido en el Apà ndice III y el Nuevo Apà ndice IV de la Ley del IGV, los cuales varÃan de acuerdo al literal o apã ndice en el cual estã©©©© el bien sujeto al ISC. In addition to the specific amounts to be paid on the basis of the number of litres of absolute alcohol determined for each type of alcoholic beverage (see value table Tax Code Title IV, Art. 375, para. I Amended by Article 22 of Law 253-12), alcohol, alcoholic beverages and beer products pay a selective excise tax of ten percent (10%) ad valorem on the selling price of these products. The taxable base of this tax is the retail price as defined in the regulatory standards of the Tax Code of the Dominican Republic. Determine the tax base according to the rules established for each system: (2) loss of income from work the person would have done if he or she had not been injured, and reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by that person to receive services instead of those that the person would have provided for income, up to a maximum of two thousand dollars per month for up to three years from the date of the accident, who caused the injury.  An employee who is entitled to cash payments under the law or the contract with the employer or who receives voluntary cash benefits paid by the employer because of his or her incapacity for work due to bodily injury resulting from the use or operation of a motor vehicle is not entitled to benefits under The First Party for « loss of work », unless such cash payments or employer benefits result in: the employee suffers a reduction in income or a reduction in the amount of the employee`s future benefits as a result of a subsequent illness or injury.

To calculate this tax, you need to follow the following procedure: The selective excise tax (ISC) also©requires a higher tax payment to buyers who reflect greater purchasing power when they buy luxury goods such as new vehicles, spirits, moisturizing drinks, energy© and others. In the case of cigarettes containing tobacco, the amount of the specific selective excise duty payable per pack of cigarettes is determined in accordance with the table of the Directorate-General for Internal Taxation (DG II). (c) `non-economic loss` means pain and suffering and similar non-monetary disadvantages. (d) `serious injury` means bodily harm resulting in death;  dismemberment;  significant disfigurement;  a fracture  loss of a fetus;  permanent loss of use of an organ, limb, function or body system;  permanent restriction of the use of an organ or limb of the body;  significant restriction on the use of a bodily function or system;  or a medically established injury or impairment of an unbearable nature that prevents the injured party from performing virtually all the essential acts that constitute the habitual and habitual daily activities of that person for at least ninety days during the one hundred and eighty days immediately following the occurrence of the injury or impairment. Su finalidad es desalentar el consumo de estos productos, ya que generan consecuencias negativas en el orden personal, social o medioambiental. In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, we have the most comprehensive and effective team of lawyers to advise you on civil litigation and common law matters. Here at Carlos Felipe Law Firm S.R.L., we evaluate your case free of charge and without obligation, call us at 829 256 6865 or write to us at, even if you wish, you can chat with us here. (3) All other reasonable and necessary costs shall be incurred, up to a maximum of twenty-five dollars per day, for a maximum of one year from the date of the accident that caused the injury. The manufacturer must declare and pay S/1.125.00 as the concept of the ISC within one month of the sale according to the monthly due date schedule. Specific amounts applicable to the calculation for the period from 1 July to 30 September 2022. where a beer producer whose encumbered asset is the type of Se±Alado falling within subheading 2203.20.21.00 of the new©paragraph IV, subparagraph B, sells 500 litres of that beer; then you will have to pay the ISC with a rate of S/2.25 per liter sold, depending on what is ± in this literal report.

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