Community rights: issues related to the economic and social development of communities, the creation of enterprises and autonomous societies, the development of company regulations, assistance in identifying financing, advice on obtaining licenses and permits, property disputes, expropriations, health problems affecting the community, access to basic services such as water, Electricity and telephone services, physical access by road or road and problems related to the law of special communities. The judiciary does not provide legal advice. If someone is interested in knowing how to proceed in a particular case or situation, it is recommended to contact a lawyer of their choice. For this, you can use the directory of lawyers. You can also contact businesses that offer free legal services if you qualify. Below you will find general information and contact details of some of these companies or organizations. Protection of Older Adults: Elder Bill of Rights cases, abuse, neglect and financial abuse. In addition, it deals with cases of rights and benefits under the Medicare and Medicaid programs, approval of wills, eviction, discrimination, cases referred by the elderly lawyer, additional legal procedures to benefit from a reversible mortgage, information from external companies, their administrative framework and policies do not in any way represent the official position of the judiciary. Contact information is shared to promote access to justice. This information is regularly reviewed so that persons interested in submitting doubts, comments or suggestions regarding the information contained therein can do so in writing to the Comerío Calle José de Diego Tax Office, next to the Office of the Mayor MUNICIPALITIES THAT SERVE: GUANICA, GUAYANILLA, PEÑUELAS, PONCE, VILLALBA, YAUCO, JUANA DIAZ, SANTA ISABEL Civil rights: discrimination based on physical or mental disability, race, color, sex, national origin, social status, sexual orientation, political or religious ideas. Police interference with citizens, violation of the right to equal protection of laws and due process.

Ceiba (Friday out of two)Alcaldía de Ceiba, Ave,. Lauro Piñero, Ceiba sectors of Guaynabo served by CSD Metropolitano: Edif. Lcdo. Cardona Campos, Piso 2202 Calle Dr. Salas Esq. Ave José A. CedeñoArecibo, PR (This office is visited by employees of the Aguadilla and Mayagüez centers, so it appears twice) It serves people from: Coamo, Guánica, Guayanilla, Juana Díaz, Peñuelas, Ponce, Santa Isabel, Villalba and Yauco. Education: Special education and vocational rehabilitation This centre was damaged by earthquakes. It is visited from the Mayagüez Centre and the satellite office. PMB 128, 390 Suite 1 Carr. 853 Carolina, PR 00987-8799 PRONTO #110 Ave. 21 de diciembre Sabana Grande, PR 00637 Aguada (Alternative Thursdays), Center PlexCarr.

#2 Km. 133.5Office of the representativeJosé Pérez 59 Ave Fernando Ribas DominicciCarretera 111, Km. 2.0Utuado, PR San Germán (2nd and 4th Wednesday) Plaza del Mercado Office on the 2nd floor 10 Employment: advice in case of unfair dismissal, discrimination, working conditions, hours and wages, licenses, work or sexual harassment, violations of the employment contract, among others. They provide services for the preparation of affidavits for obtaining employment or a license to practice a profession Minors: cases of minors accused of serious or less serious crimes, with the exception of the sale and distribution of drugs and cases of conditions of abuse and neglect of minors in youth institutions or rehabilitation programs Migrant workers in agriculture: Employment, housing, health, consumer issues related to the status and contributions of agricultural workers. Health: Access to services and medicines through the Mi Salud Plan, private medical plans and under the Law on Medical Assistance in Hospitals in Case of Medical Emergency. They also offer services on the rights of HIV/AIDS patients. They work with requests for access to services under the Mental Health Act and the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and provide services related to privacy rights over medical information. Environmental law: conservation and protection of natural resources, including air, water, land, extraction of materials from the earth`s crust, management of coastal and terrestrial marine areas, solid waste and noise pollution.

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