Slamat Sir, Pero Medyo Mgastos KC TLGA ANG Paintball compared sa airsoft, kya airsoft lng muna ako , hehehe. Anyway, thank you his info Sir. Above! Hello, how can you give me the address of the airsoft store in Jeddah, I know it is a bit old but please send it to my email *** I really need it Hello, I am here for the same Theme of Airsoft if you have the address. I would be happy for you to pass it on. Thank you very much. The law does not mention or recognize airsoft weapons in detail, but restricts the public carrying of replica firearms. While the current Firearms Act classifies air guns as air guns, it also imposes restrictions on air guns that do not exceed pellets with a diameter of 4.5 mm (.177 caliber), making de jure 6 mm BBs illegal. Although the laws are unclear, the sport has so far been widely distributed without any real problems. Customs allow importation without restrictions, local law enforcement is aware of public sales and organized events, and even the army has acquired airsoft weapons for combat training in and around the city. The use of pistol-mounted lasers or night vision devices is illegal for civilians. Very few cities in New Jersey regulate airsoft weapons, and those that also regulate imitation weapons such as cap guns, etc.

in the same way. Most cities and counties in the Garden State consider airsoft guns to be « toys » and, as such, are subject to legislative laws on imitations of firearms at the federal and state levels, which almost entirely reflect the laws of their real steel counterparts. [87] As they are not genuine steel firearms, airsoft pistols do not require a licence or identification for the purchaser of firearms (also known as FIDs) to purchase or possess them. However, to buy an airsoft gun, one must be at least 18 years old and the gun must be sold with an orange tip in accordance with federal law. However, it is highly expected and encouraged by New Jersey law enforcement, as well as its citizens, that airsoft guns be treated with the same respect as their steel counterparts. Hay can you send me the enemy address the airsoft store in Jeddah thank you In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, the minimum age to buy an airsoft weapon is 18 years. Children under this age can still use airsoft weapons, but only if they are supervised by someone over the age of 18. [Citation needed] Red tips must be present on airsoft guns when imported and sold by a store. Once you have the airsoft weapon, you can remove the red tip. However, the similarity between real guns and airsoft replicas is close enough to cause interaction with law enforcement when an airsoft weapon is mistaken for its real counterpart. Airsoft, which is used to commit a crime, is treated as if the actual weapon were being used to impose an additional mandatory sentence in addition to the normal penalty for the crime committed.

In Belgium, weapons firing a projectile without the use of fire/fire are not restricted, it is defined as a free weapon that can only be purchased by people aged 18 or over, as verified by any form of identification. The only exclusions are those on the list of prohibited weapons. These include those used for airsoft and paintball. However, if a firearm is less than 60 cm tall or has a barrel of less than 30 cm and fires 7.5 joules of energy (0.20 g of lead moving at 273.9 m/s or 898.5 ft/s) or more (measured at 2.5 metres from the muzzle), it will be classified as a firearm and must be registered. Airsoft weapons are mentioned as excluded in the Danish « Våbenlov » (arms control legislation). Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, surrender or possess airsoft weapons. They can be used in police-approved locations with a permit at the age of 16. A firearms licence is not required. All airsoft weapons must be carried hidden in a bag, trunk, etc. Airsoft weapons with a muzzle energy of less than three joules (muzzle velocity of 173.2 m/s or 568 ft/s for a 0.20 g projectile) are legal. They are not considered weapons and do not require a permit. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and use airsoft firearms.

Minors (under the age of 18) may be arrested and detained for several years. In Indonesia, there are no strict rules for airsoft and there are still no government considerations as to whether airsoft weapons are treated as « toys » or are equivalent to real weapons. However, when Airsoft was first introduced in Indonesia in 1996, the founders of Indonesian airsoft communities imposed some restrictions on airsoft games.

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