« Medium-sized companies generate the most legal business, » Vorsatz said. « But we also have multinational customers in the United States. Some of them use six or seven different law firms around the world, and so we`re building a global network to do all their work. Andersen is expanding globally to provide one-stop tax and legal advice to multinational clients. Seventeen years after the collapse of accounting giant Arthur Andersen, a group of former partners is aggressively expanding the resurrected Andersen name internationally into legal and tax advice. Our company is built as a global company. We share the interest in providing the highest level of customer service, regardless of location. The largest of the big four companies, Deloitte LLP, generated $43 billion in revenue in 2018, according to Andersen. Vorsatz said that old Arthur Andersen was not pursuing the income for himself. In July 2013, WTAS LLC founded WTAS Global as an international association of independent professional services companies. [3] In November, WTAS Global acquired Paris-based law firm STC Partners. [4] On April 23, 2019, Andersen Global expanded into its fiftieth country with the addition of a cooperating company in Zambia.

On 6 June, Andersen announced a collaboration with Kolaschnik Partner Rechtsanwälte, a business law firm in Hamburg. Last month, a new office was opened in Manchester, England. On December 31, 2007, HSBC USA Inc. sold Wealth & Tax Advisory Services USA Inc. (« WTAS ») to participating WTAS directors in a management buyout (MBO) that led to WTAS LLC. In exchange for the sale, HSBC would receive $5 million in cash and deferred debentures for a total principal amount of $60.85 million. [2] The company now has 53 European offices, up from 42 in June 2018, as well as around 20 in Latin America. It has 18 in the Middle East and 12 in Africa after opening its first African office in Nigeria in 2017. The company has a strong framework for an international network, Vorsatz said, but needs to fill in the gaps.

One-Stop-Shop for Tax Needs – Consulting, Legal (Tax) and Compliance In June 2015, Andersen Global launched in Latin America with the Mexican companies NOVINT, Capin, Ibañez & Asociados and Montes, Hernández, López y Del Castillo. [6] Mexico was quickly followed by an office in Guatemala thanks to the addition of Trust Consulting in Guatemala City. [7] The 1. In March 2017, Andersen Tax & Legal debuted in Spain while the company, formerly called Global Abogados, is the first in Europe to adopt the Andersen name. [12] Since then, Andersen Global has added member companies in Italy[13], Portugal[14] and Germany [15], all of which adopt the name Andersen Tax & Legal. « Andersen`s culture had changed long before Enron, » Ronen said in a phone call. « There were other scandals like WorldCom, and the Andersen culture had shifted to income hunting. I don`t think the name would be positive today. Since 2013, Andersen has grown from 16 offices in the United States to 19 and 144 offices worldwide.

The pace of expansion has accelerated recently, with 46 offices opened in 2018 and 19 so far in 2019. « The Supreme Court overturned the decision three years later, » Intent said, referring to Andersen`s conviction for obstruction of justice in the Enron case. WTAS launched a program in 2013 to expand internationally through alliances with foreign companies. She bought the rights to use the Andersen name the following year. The company, now called Andersen Tax in its U.S. domestic market and Andersen Global internationally, has launched a rapid expansion overseas to provide global tax and advisory services, primarily to clients in its U.S. domestic market. « It`s reasonable to add another 25 sites a year, » Vorsatz said. « We don`t compare ourselves to the Big Four, but Andersen has always believed in quality, not quantity. » Andersen Global closed 2017 with a presence at 84 locations. On September 3, 2019, Andersen Tax was renamed Andersen. [17] Andersen Tax LLC is a tax firm based in San Francisco, California, USA. It provides tax, valuation, financial advisory and advisory services to individuals and businesses.

It has offices in Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Florham Park, Greenwich, Harrisburg, Houston, Long Island, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, West Palm Beach and Woodland Hills. Our goal is to be the benchmark for quality in our industry and the standard by which other companies are measured. Andersen Global announced in May 2018 an alliance with Indian tax lawyers Nangia Advisors LLP, which has offices in four cities, including New Delhi and Mumbai. States are adjusting their tax laws to cover more types of digital commerce transactions.

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