Not all stores that offer baby enrollment offer a graduation discount, but if you sign up with one that does, the savings can range from 10 to 20 percent. These records also differ in their terms – when the discount starts, when it ends, what you can buy with it – so the comparisons are good. (Note that you can sign up and accept closing discounts from more than one store.) Your registration must be active for at least 14 days to be eligible for the discount. If you created the baby registry, no one but you can use the discount. Parents say: Since the discount only applies to items sold on baby list and can only be used for one purchase, it`s one of the least exciting discounts at the end of registration, but it`s better than nothing (which you get from some major retailers). The final discount is a discount you get on everything left in your baby`s (or marriage) registration. So if you had 100 items in your registration and your friends and family bought 90 items, you`ll get a discount on the 10 items left behind. The registration checklist is listed under the « Checklist » button in the top navigation. It has twelve different product categories – with themes like « food » and « children`s bedding and essentials » – to help you sort through what you need. If you click on each category, you`ll see another list of subcategories (yes, there`s a lot to sort through here – if you want a personalized and less overwhelming signup checklist for you, check out What to Expect`s Baby Registry Generator). The discount can only be used for ONE transaction. So you`ll want to create your list and add all your necessary items at once, as there`s no going back! This is a mistake I have seen people make.

A little tricky note about Amazon returns is that gifts purchased by the listing holder (that`s you!) are only eligible for a 90-day return window. Sneaky, sneaky. But if you bought it yourself, you probably know you`re going to love it. If you are not a Prime member and are considering becoming one, I highly recommend it. Not only will you get a higher discount at the end of your registration, but there are also many more benefits. The one I like is Amazon Family. You will receive vouchers for baby/family items such as diapers. Definitely worth it! Once you go to the main page of the Amazon Baby registry, click the « Create a new baby registry » button. You will be asked to enter your name, address, estimated due date and delivery address, as well as certain parameters, such as who can see your registration. That`s all you need to do to create a simple registration. If you want to customize your registration, there is a section with optional information. You can let Amazon know if this is your first child, take note of your baby shower date, and write a sweet message to your family and friends to check your list.

Amazon adds an example of a useful note where expectant parents can tell donors the color of the nursery or, for example, that they prefer compact items because their apartment is smaller. You can also simply cancel your closing discount if they think you`re trying to cheat. The completion discount means you can buy residual items with a discount! Woo! You`ll get 15% off if you have Amazon Prime, and 10% if you haven`t selected the remaining items from your baby registration. If you want to take advantage of the discount at the end of Amazon baby registration, you must add items from the « Final Discount View » in your registration to your cart. Otherwise, you will not receive the discount. Deciding where to set up your baby registry is an important decision. You want a store (online or physical) that family and friends can easily access, a store that has a number of favorite baby products, a place where returns can be easily accepted, and one that gives you some perks and perks to bring them a lot of customers. One good thing is that Amazon allows you to continue adding items to your registration, and those items will still be available for the final discount until you redeem them. Once you have taken advantage of the discount, you are not eligible to use it again. The final discount offer is valid for 10% or 15% for Prime members. Keep in mind that the one who is registered as the primary cardholder is the one to whom the discount is applied.

Even if the co-registrant is a Prime member, you won`t get the 15% if the lead registrant isn`t. So keep this in mind when filling out your registration information, if one of you is a Prime member and the other is not. Rules: Registrants will receive a closing coupon in store by mail approximately six weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date. A voucher for online purchases will be sent by email at about the same time. Both coupons are valid for up to three months after the scheduled arrival date and can be used once. The discount offer is 15% for Baby Registry owners at the time of exchanging their discount.

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