Not all debt collection agencies will visit you at home to collect debts. Check their website first or contact them to review it. Even if they do, they can`t just show up at your door. They are required to inform you in advance before visiting your home address. Until you get advice, the Code of Conduct, which includes AJJB associates, means they should give you time to explore your debt management options. Of course, they can`t do it if you don`t tell them what you`re doing. You can call the company via the AJJB Associates number: check out the website or contact them via their website: Whatever action you take, doing nothing should not be an option. Ignored debts will not go away and they will get worse. Leave letters unopened or calls unanswered long enough and you risk AJJB Associates taking further action against you. absolutely shameful! I owed money, I paid in August and I again indicated in my report as late payments. When they were challenged, they said it was not their problem and that they should contact the original credit company.

When I did, I was told to contact AJJB Law. Zero customer service, zero worries, zero reviews for this shocking company. As another « victim » mentioned, it is a pity that there is no 0 or negative here to apply them. I googled « Am I entitled to a PPI refund » (a long time ago, obviously) – I looked at Allay`s website and then used the tools on the #Martynlewis/resolver to get my refunds myself. Then when I was harassed, bombed, intimidated, threatened by the court/CCJ, etc. by Allay and more recently AJJB, when I have evidence that I did not ask Allay to act on my behalf, I have evidence that Allay sent me text messages saying they owe me money – It`s so tiring that I can`t even get along anymore – these people are soulless, I first read reviews here, because I thought they were shady. When I realized it was a debt I owed, I tried their website on Monday and it didn`t work. I tried again on Saturday and was able to make a deal, so maybe it`s fixed now? When ajjb started enforcing my debt earlier this year, I emailed them to explain my situation and make a deal on how I would do it with any other lender. They do not respond to emails sent to the address listed in their documents and on their website, and will continue to send a bombardment of threatening emails and text messages almost daily. They will do this even if they have agreed to put your account on hold (over the phone – all other contact methods are impossible). They use all sorts of dirty tactics, such as sending « no harm discount offer » emails with no actual discount.

When prompted, they say the emails were sent « by mistake. » When you complain, they last more than 12 weeks and do not recognize the problems you raise and do not offer a solution. Received a letter from them threatening legal action and a CCJ about an allegedly unpaid Together energy bill, it was formulated as if it would only cause distress, she called immediately as there was no email address to provide proof of payment, only good that they could see after verifying that the payment had been made and had closed the file, Why didn`t they do it in the first place? If you believe that AJJB Associates has treated you badly, you can file a complaint with them through the following channels: To help us validate your account, please provide the following details: AJJB Associates is a debt collection agency – as such, its legal powers are no different from those of the original creditor, who previously owned your debts. AJJB employees can sue you (reasonable) to pay off the debt, but they cannot harass or call you at unreasonable times (see below). You must also comply with any reasonable request to be contacted only in a certain manner or at certain times. AJJB Associates might send debt collectors to your home if you don`t pay, but they are NOT bailiffs and are not allowed to claim this. Debt collection agencies are not allowed to enter your home without permission and are not allowed to pick up your goods. You also have to leave if you ask them. If AJJB Associates wishes to do any of the following, it must first sue you: If AJJB Associates or another debt collection agency sues you for a debt that you believe is time-barred, make sure the debt is time-barred (you may need legal advice on this) and send the following letter.

No, you cannot stop all contacts of AJJB employees as they may be required by law to send you letters. However, you can express your contact preferences, such as handling your debts, in writing instead of receiving calls. You should stick to your preferences. As part of our review questionnaire, we ask evaluators questions about the value for money they received from using ABC Law. These questions include: Disgusting people. Literally bothering me about a debt that was paid a little over a month ago. I told them to ask their client if I had paid because I couldn`t scan my bank statements and they told me they couldn`t ask their client? 😂 Not very knowledgeable if you ask me. The above score is a simple percentage representation of the total number of customers who selected the « Yes » option: we use data science to merge the answers to these questions and create a « ReviewSolicitors score » of 100.

The presentation score of the graph above is a simple percentage representation of the average score among those who have reviewed this law firm. So it started with text messages and then a phone call. I said email me the details as you need to have a confirmed email for me as I didn`t want to give anyone details about the phone I didn`t know. They never sent an email, although I received a text message saying they did. I received a letter asking me to contact them, so I sent them an email that was stupid because they now know my address and email address, so look at this coin – they threaten me with ccj, but I`ve never heard of the company they say I owe money. At least they don`t know my date of birth 🤦🏽 ♀️ Unfortunately, Ajjb Law Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. ReviewSolicitors uses data from our community to show you how many clients have used Ajjb Law Limited and had a satisfying experience in which they stated that they would recommend the firm`s services to their friends and family.

This score was calculated based on the last 300 reviews left by Ajjb Law Limited clients on ReviewSolicitors. To be prescribed, all of the following must apply:. Find out if an escrow act could help you cancel your debt. Use the escrow calculator now: it`s not wise to ignore debt collection agencies; they don`t give up. If you continue to ignore them, they can sue you, which may require you to deal with law enforcement officers or a charge order if you own your own home. In Scotland, the protected trust deed (sometimes called Scottish Trust Deed or Scottish IVA) does the same job as an IVA, but it usually takes 48 months, not 60. AJJB Associates (and any other debt collection agency) must be able to prove that the debts they claim belong to you, are really yours. If they can`t prove it, they have no choice but to mark the debt as settled. Born into the debt collection industry, we take a pragmatic approach to collecting your outstanding balances. Our team of expert lawyers will manage your case until its completion with the aim of a quick solution for all parties. Contact us today via our contact form to find out how we can help you.

AJJB Law is a specialist in financial recovery processes. To find out which itinerary is best for you, please contact us. We understand the pressure a business faces in the current climate when bills go unpaid. A dedicated account manager will keep you « informed » and will be available to answer questions about your files. Once the judgment is complete, a number of enforcement options are available. Ultimately, everyone has to pay off their debt where they can afford it, and if they can`t afford it, there are many debt management options we can help you with. We will explore many of them below. But just because you`re contacted by AJJB Associates for payment doesn`t mean there aren`t alternative (and better) options. So, before you pay anything, read the rest of this guide and contact us for advice. Contact AJJB Associates to find out what types of debts they collect for. You`re unlikely to lose your home – there are several steps to follow first. Unsecured debt (which accounts for most of the debt handled by AJJB Associates) is not secured against an asset, but if you seriously default on your payments, AJJB Associates may ask the court to have the debt secured against your home.

This is done with an indictment order, but only if AJJB Associates successfully seeks a District Court decision against you. I woke up this morning with a very threatening message that they were going to court when my account fell behind Last week I called and spoke to a gentleman who would have liked me to take his name, who said that my DD was for the 10th anniversary of the 10th century. was changed every month, and I told him that it was okay to pay more each month, since I now work full time, I called, I talked to gentlemen who were very helpful and I said that nothing was noted and I agreed to pay more each month.

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