Below is a list of faculties that teach or are interested in areas of agricultural law. Please contact them if you have any questions. Each year, the USDA`s National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts a national survey to collect data and create a report that shows the average rental prices of bars in the United States. Please note that all declared cash rental amounts are shown in a per hectare/per year format. To view the database for each state, click here. To view the database of each county in the United States, click here. To view the report for Texas, broken down by region and county, click here. Here`s how things broke. Read more → It`s been a wild few months for an exceptional domain law here in Texas with two important opinions from the Texas Supreme Court.

Our friend and prominent estate lawyer, Luke Ellis, is here to give us an overview of these two cases, Hlavinka v. HSC Pipeline and Miles v. Texas Central Railroad. Here are some examples of the kind of work you can expect as an agricultural lawyer: Episode #103: Stephanie Bradley Fryer (working with the FSA/NRCS office) In this two-part series about your local agricultural services agency and the National Resource Conservation Service, Stephanie Fryer was the perfect guest because of her extensive experience in this field. Not only is she a producer who handles these offices, but she is also a former executive director and FSA county attorney. Their ideas and advice were very helpful. In early August, Tiffany Lashmet, Jim Bradbury, James Decker and Kyle Weldon hosted a program at the Beef Cattle Short Course at Texas A&M College Station called « Ask an Ag Lawyer. » The session focused on answering people`s questions about water law, oil and gas law, important areas, estate and estate planning, fence law and property issues. In this Ag Law in the Field podcast, the group summarizes the program, including favorite questions, the best stories, and some of the most important topics covered.

Whether it`s dealing with a disgruntled neighbor, property tax assessment issues, or groundwater rights, the session provided a great overview of some of the topics agricultural lawyers like to talk about. Learn more. Episode #134 – Eliott Nixon & Amber Miller (Property Damage in Agricultural Law) Episode #105: Greg Phillips (Heir Property) Heir ownership occurs when a landowner dies without a will. This can leave the person`s heirs with a variety of legal issues for generations, and Greg Phillips is at the forefront of working on these issues in Texas. Episode #139 – Nate Huff (ESG Litigation & Agriculture) We`re back with summaries of some farm law stories in the news over the past couple of weeks. *The EPO report identifies many of the risks associated with dicamba. The EPA on Wednesday released a draft ecological risk assessment that found that dicamba could potentially affect birds, mammals, bees, freshwater fish, aquatic vascular plants and (of primary importance) non-target terrestrial plants. The report says the EPA found no evidence that the new restrictions introduced in 2020 helped reduce the number of drift complaints. The report pointed out that the EPA. Read more → Episode #110: J Pete Laney (2021 Texas Legislature Recap) Our friend J Pete Laney joins us after each Texas legislature to give us a summary of the most important bills related to agriculture.

During this session, we had a long list of bills to discuss, so don`t want to miss this episode! September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This topic is close to my heart, and every year I take the opportunity to discuss the topics of mental health and suicide. This year, I have several different projects to share. I recovered loudly, I was delighted to be accompanied by Maddie Caldwell for an episode of my podcast Ag Law in the Field. Maddie lives by one of her favorite quotes: « When we recover loudly, we prevent others from dying in silence. » I am so grateful. Read more → Episode #108: Parks Brown (Texas Oil and Gas Update) This episode with Parks Brown was the prelude to another two-part series in which we covered current trending topics in energy law. In particular, we discussed the current oil and gas market here and looked at a number of recent Decisions of the Texas Courts of Appeals in this area. Have you heard of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices? Did you know that these practices lead to lawsuits against farm businesses and farm producers? Today, Nate Huff is coming to us to discuss these « greenwashing lawsuits » and what agribusinesses and producers need to know. Episode #136 – Luke Ellis (TX Supreme Court Eminent Domain Cases Part 2) I apologize for missing our last weekly article.

We are back today with a lot of farm law news from across the country. *Settlement deadline in Texas v. Water lawsuit in New Mexico. Michael Melloy has given Texas and New Mexico until Sept. 23 to reach an agreement in the ongoing Texas v. water lawsuit in New Mexico, which is currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. If the parties fail to meet this deadline, the case will be brought to court in Cedar Rapids, IA, in January.

[Read the article. Read more → Mark Z. Johnson, beef cattle breeder at Oklahoma State University Extension during the . Episode #109: Parks Brown (Renewable Energy Update) This episode continues our discussion on current energy topics, but here we focus on solar and wind energy. Parks gives us great information for anyone considering a solar or wind lease. When two families who have owned land for generations had a dispute over part of the property, the San Antonio Court of Appeals found itself in the middle of an unfavorable property in which the neighbor was opposed to the neighbor in Kothmann v. Menzies. [Read the review here.] Background This case concerns land in Menard County called Section 61. The Kody Kothmann 1992 Irrevocable Trust owns the land that belonged to Kody Kothmann`s parents and before that to her maternal grandfather.

The adjacent. Read more → Episode #102: Dr. Blake Bennett (TX Property Tax Exemptions) Based in Dallas, Dr. Bennett is AgriLife`s property tax expert. In this episode, he introduced us to the various property tax exemptions available to property owners and how they work. To get an adequate foundation in the key areas of agricultural law, you should at least take these courses and develop a thorough understanding of the issue in relation to agriculture. Episode #106: Adrienne DeSutter (Agriculture and Mental Health Awareness Month) If you`ve been here for a while, you know that mental health and agriculture is a topic that is very close to my heart.

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